Minimally Processed B. Caapi for Maximum Results

Especially when you’re preparing a cosmetic or some other consumable product, using safe, high-quality ingredients is a top priority. Our shredded yellow B. Caapi is all natural, clean, and reliable. We source our product from ethically grown and harvested plants that thrive in South America’s unique climate. Our suppliers also use environmentally sensitive post-harvest production methods that maintain the qualities of the original plant.

Alkaloids are the active components in B. Caapi. Harmine, tetrahydroharmine, and harmaline are the three main alkaloids present in Banisteriopsis Caapi (B. Caapi), and the harmine metabolite harmol also plays a role in the efficacy of the material. You can count on our product to have optimal levels of these important components. Our shredded yellow B. Caapi is a ready-to-use, lightly processed form of the plant.

Secure delivery in discreet packaging, shipped from the U.S.A.

In just 3 to 5 days after you submit your order, you’ll have it delivered in an unmarked package. We don’t use packaging to advertise our company or our products, so no one will have any idea of the contents or their value. If you need to return it or exchange your order, you’ll be shipping to an address in Boise, Idaho, which is always cheaper than trying to work with a company outside the U.S.A. 

We keep our quality high and our costs low, because we want all of our customers to be happy customers who return to buy from us again and again!