Mimosa Hostilis, an Ancient Ingredient, Enhances Modern Life

Beginning in the Pre-Columbian era, and for thousands of years since, Mimosa Hostilis root bark has been important in South American and Central American self-care and in daily life. The plant, also known as Mimosa Tenuiflora, is called Jurema or Binho de Jurema in Brazil.

Mimosa Bark Store offers MHRB powder, a refined Mimosa Hostilis product that people worldwide have rediscovered as a useful, powerful ingredient that can be added to many products, like cosmetics, soaps, inks, and dyes to increase their effectiveness or purpose. 

We’re a U.S.A. supplier who meets your needs quickly and carefully

Mimosa Hostilis root bark is often shipped from suppliers outside the U.S.A. When you buy from a foreign source, you’ll find that the shipping charges are usually quite high, and that delivery is unreliable. Sometimes people open their shipment only to realize that they didn’t get what they wanted. Return shipping to a supplier outside the U.S.A. is expensive, often making it too difficult to get a refund or exchange.  Problems like that almost always negate any cost savings you thought you’d get from buying a cheaper product.
Our 100% natural, legal, and safe MHRB comes from Mexico, but we ship it from the United States. We can guarantee that the product you receive is fresh and well-packaged. Plus, we get the product to your home or office quickly–usually in 3 to 5 days. We don’t advertise our product on shipping, so people can’t tell what you’re getting or whether it’s valuable. That keeps your package safe from posting through delivery. 

Use the type of MHRB that works best for your needs 

Order our MHRB powder when you need a refined, ground-up form of the plant for your project. If you need a more lightly processed form of MHRB, choose our regular Mimosa Hostilis root bark.